• ECS Logo

  • The ECS logo is a key element of our brand identity and registered under the provisions of the Trade Marks Act 1979 and the Trade Marks Regulations 1997.

  • It is our signature, our quality seal and our calling card wherever we go. As such it needs to be treated with the respect it deserves ensuring the correct application at every customer touch point.

  • The ECS logo is made of the customised letters E, C, S in a dynamic and progressive monogram. It is a reminder of our origins as a Technology Company.


  • The VST ECS logo comes from the idea of conceptualized e and v with different colours, which stands for ECS and VST. The combined E and V has a tail with SPEED and GROWTH concept.

  • The merged E and V looks like a letter of “e” which also implies the e-commerce and electronic devices. It reflects our business of ICT supply chain services.

  • We used Blue colour tone and Orange colour tone, which reflects the style of Technology and Human Touch respectively.






UOB Research Report on Q2 2017 Results



UOB Research Report